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Opera in Amsterdam

Of all the places, Opera in Amsterdam.


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Leaving Koh Samui

The saddest part of our trip to the island of Koh Samui was leaving, five nights was a mere teaser and we could have spent more time on the island. Our cheap flight was at a ridiculous hour but a bonus was seeing the sun rise over the Gulf of Thailand from our villa terrace.

The staff packed us a takeaway breakfast and we said goodbye.


Goodbye Sandalwood Villas!


Sunrise last day Koh Samui 9


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Spa Time at Plumeria Villa




Our holiday villa was divine, not only did it have an outdoor spa it also have an amazing view across the ocean. Koh Samui was one of my most treasured holidays in Asia, it is a place that I will go back to. Every afternoon after a morning of riding around on the scooter we would come back to the villa, crack open the Moet Champagne , order some Pad Thai and relax!


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The Old Graylands Hospital


Bike riding late one night, we ride past this uninhabited building high on the Mt Claremont hill, it overlooks a gully towards Perth. It was scary and we were chased away by a security guard even though we were on the right side of the fence! Perth go figure.

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Exciting Evenings in Amsterdam


  As the sunsets in Amsterdam and the evening surfaces, it’s always exciting! First there is the leisure bicycle ride  along the canals in search for a place for dinner (and dinner can be as late as you want!), then wandering through the red light district and finishing the night at a coffee shop that also happens to serve sundaes. Oh and maybe a late sex show from the touristy pink elephant venue  to add to all the excitement of the evening.  Not one single drink in the evenings, i wake up fresh faced for our day trip adventures on a scooter and bicycle.

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Cappuccino in Dam Square Amsterdam



Enjoying a nice hot cappuccino at Coffee Company located in Dam Square, Amsterdam.

Nearby is a bustling shopping street on Damrak, its pack with great boutiques.


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Send your Pets to Paris?

London in PARIS



 I love this concept! Carol Gillott, a water colourist from France will happily paint your beloved pets in a Paris portrait.  (more…)

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Motorbike Travels in Koh Samui




The Island of Koh Samui is mountainous  and offers stunning panoramic views across the Gulf of Thailand. On calm clear days the ocean is a sparkling blue, exactly how you would expect a tropical island to be.

We rode around the island twice during our stay, DDalways looking for an adventure took me up a scary steep road and this is what we discovered! Views as far as the eye can see.


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What a view!



Amazing view from our villa in Koh Samui –  Sandalwood Luxury Villas.

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Aussie Bars in Koh Samui




On the island of Koh Samui, particularly in Lamai and Chaweng there are a number of ‘Aussie’ bars and pubs, it is the last place i would want to be when travelling but i am sure there are some Australian travellers out there looking for some sense of familiarity in a foreign country.

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Flipside Burgers

Flipside in North Fremantle has a very laid back feel to it, it is located on the Queen Victoria strip in between a few antique stores,  Mojo’s Bar and cafe and Vanya’s cafe. Across the road is a small park, community garden (with about 100 Butterfly’s  flying around) and Harvest restaurant.

We ordered a mini flip ($7.00) and a side of chips, the perfect snack!



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Lazy Koh Samui

Remembering my holiday, its seems so long ago. This was the quiet strip leading to Maenam Beach.


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Tulips at Araluen Botanic Park



Tulip season has arrived at Araluen in Western Australia! Here is a sneak peak of one of my pictures taken on the first perfect spring day to arrive in Perth (winter has been long here)…i took so many and promise to upload them soon.

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Photo sourced from judbd on Flickr

Before i begin with my Tale of Bastille, i have to make mention that unfortunately i have no photos of Bastille, not one single photo! So instead i have copied photos from Flickr and fully referenced where appropriate.

After arriving at Paris Gare Lyon we decided instead of catching a taxi to walk from the train station to our apartment. To our favour it turned out to be an easy 20 minute slow paced walk, it was very easy to get to Bastille, we just followed the rather straight Rue de Lyon. (more…)

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Subiaco Village Street Markets



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Just another Castaway Villa

Build a dream villa, can.

Live in a dream villa, can.

On the Island of Koh Samui, can can.  (more…)

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Hotel Samui-Ley


We walked past this cute place in Fisherman’s Village Bophut and i had to take a photo.

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Night Walking Street Market, Fisherman’s village

Every Friday night between 5pm to 10pm, the small laneway streets in the charming Fisherman’s Village transform into a lively walking street market of food, drinks, entertainment and shopping.  Fisherman’s Village is located in the seaside town of Bophut, 10 minutes drive from Chaweng.

Samui Spice Restaurant

We scootered to the area on our first night in Koh Samui and parked behind some restaurants for free, there is parking closer and you will find a Thai person waiting there to collect a fee in exchange for the parking space. (more…)

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Bophut Pier


In the charming seaside village of Bophut is this beautiful pier of wood.


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Crazy Power Lines

Koh Samui receives its electricity from the mainland (Surat Thani) and those power lines on Koh Samui look crazy to me but i guess it’s just part of the street scape! By the looks of it everyone just taps into the lines! There are wires everywhere…. (more…)

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