Weekendspast is a collection of my experiences living in Perth Western Australia, My travels around Perth and the rest of the world, random items seen on the internetz, a bit of a visual blog diary to share with the world. Check out My Blog here. Some places I am planning to go in the future here.


Spa Time at Plumeria Villa




Our holiday villa was divine, not only did it have an outdoor spa it also have an amazing view across the ocean. Koh Samui was one of my most treasured holidays in Asia, it is a place that I will go back to. Every afternoon after a morning of riding around on the scooter we would come back to the villa, crack open the Moet Champagne , order some Pad Thai and relax!


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Cappuccino in Dam Square Amsterdam



Enjoying a nice hot cappuccino at Coffee Company located in Dam Square, Amsterdam.

Nearby is a bustling shopping street on Damrak, its pack with great boutiques.


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Motorbike Travels in Koh Samui




The Island of Koh Samui is mountainous  and offers stunning panoramic views across the Gulf of Thailand. On calm clear days the ocean is a sparkling blue, exactly how you would expect a tropical island to be.

We rode around the island twice during our stay, DDalways looking for an adventure took me up a scary steep road and this is what we discovered! Views as far as the eye can see.


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Lazy Koh Samui

Remembering my holiday, its seems so long ago. This was the quiet strip leading to Maenam Beach.


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Photo sourced from judbd on Flickr

Before i begin with my Tale of Bastille, i have to make mention that unfortunately i have no photos of Bastille, not one single photo! So instead i have copied photos from Flickr and fully referenced where appropriate.

After arriving at Paris Gare Lyon we decided instead of catching a taxi to walk from the train station to our apartment. To our favour it turned out to be an easy 20 minute slow paced walk, it was very easy to get to Bastille, we just followed the rather straight Rue de Lyon. (more…)

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Night Walking Street Market, Fisherman’s village

Every Friday night between 5pm to 10pm, the small laneway streets in the charming Fisherman’s Village transform into a lively walking street market of food, drinks, entertainment and shopping.  Fisherman’s Village is located in the seaside town of Bophut, 10 minutes drive from Chaweng.

Samui Spice Restaurant

We scootered to the area on our first night in Koh Samui and parked behind some restaurants for free, there is parking closer and you will find a Thai person waiting there to collect a fee in exchange for the parking space. (more…)

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Bophut Pier


In the charming seaside village of Bophut is this beautiful pier of wood.


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Seaview Restaurant and Maenam beach

The Seaview Restaurant is located on the north side of Koh Samui, on the serene Maenam Beach.

We found this place whilst scootering around the island one day  - Turn off  Samui Ring Road
(4169 on the tourist maps) and onto Maenam 4 Road and follow it until you reach the water. Alternatively the restaurant is next door to the Maenam Pier. (more…)

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Asian Monsoon

The Monsoonal weather was ever present during our holiday on Koh Samui and to be honest it was not a bad thing either.

Storm Clouds coming in over the hill


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Read your worries away!

One of the best things to do when holidaying on a tropical island aside from drinking cocktails, swimming and receiving massages is to read a good book. On the beach, by the pool or in the villa, all equally perfect settings to launch one into the literature nexus.


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Coral Cove Beach – Koh Samui

View from our Villa of Coral Cove beach

This private cove was at the bottom of the hill from where our villa sat, it was a beautiful clean beach and its dark green waters incredibly calm. It is surrounded by a number of holiday villas and because of its seclusion it was always too easy for us to scoot past completely missing the entrance every time!

The Little Tropical Bar


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Bophut in Koh Samui

Mini Malibu in Asia?

Behind these houses/restaurants is Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village

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Koh Samui

View from our accommodation – no photo adjustment at all!!!!


I have spent the past week holidaying on the small Thailand island of Koh Samui.

More photos and travel tales to come, i promise.

Arrival at our accommodation for the week

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Montenvers in Chamonix


Seeing the Mer de Glace at Montenvers was a pleasant relaxing change from all the skiing and spending time in the clouds. Mer de Glace is an eight mile glacier that swirls around the mountains in Chamonix and as our photos will tell you by visiting Montenvers you are very close to those big mountains that watch over the glacier. (more…)

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Sake and Icecream


Up in the mountains of Nikko at the Kegan waterfall was this lone place very far from the western world. No English anywhere but pictures to guide us. It was freezing out so I ordered a HOT sake and it came in a large glass, I walked out drunk. Aside from the sake there was ice cream, unique bakery cakes and many Japanese souvenirs. In Nikko there were some really nice souvenir stores, very unique stuff all locally made.

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Kegon Waterfall, Japan



You cannot feel much colder that this!!!

This was in Nikko Japan at the Kegon Waterfall. The waterfall was freezing up and the wind was icey.



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No Need For Perfection



I love a city that is character old and not perfect, the buildings are not big and screaming out ‘cashed up money’. Amsterdam’s wonky buildings are beautiful and one of the many reasons why i fell in love with the city of canals.

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Crazy hour to be up in Amsterdam


I am up and wandering around the city of Amsterdam at the crazy hour of 5 am, it’s just me and the bicyles.

Being on a work trip I only had 24 hours in this beautiful city and did not want to let a minute be wasted.

Here are a few photos from that very early morning in Amsterdam back in 2008.

Impressively i was able to have the entire I amsterdam monument to myself, pretty cool.


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Tasty House


I have never noticed this place in Northbridge’s Chinatown and after our favourite place was closed we thought why not give Tasty House a try… After all it should be tasty right…? (more…)

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Freshia Noodle Bar

 Freshia Noodle Bar in Subiaco is just off Rokeby Road, near Farmer Jacks and next door to Brew-Ha, its a small takeaway noodle and rice bar.

Freshia is open public holidays and on our happy day off we ordered some noodles for dinner.

My favourites are on the menu and pretty tasty too – Pad Thai or Char kway teow. Servings are large and the food is cheap by Perth standards. One box of noodles ranges from 9.00 -13.00 and there will be leftovers.


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