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So at lunch today i went home grabbed my bicycle and rode to Chez Jean Claude Patisserie in Subiaco to purchase a baguette and two cakes. I did not envision the baguette to be so large, aren’t they meant to be thin?? Anyway riding the bicycle in the middle of Subiaco in my work dress with heals and a baguette sticking out of my basket may have caused some amusement for others.

The two cakes you see is the Eclair stuffed with chocolate cream and the fruit tartelette. All up including the mammoth baguette that could feed a family the cost was $13.80.



I am a big chocolate lover however i would say the tartelette was the winner. Shortbread biscuit, custard and berries…mmmmm¬†delicious.

The cakes at this little patisserie in Subiaco are freshly made by hard working bakers using real ingredients. The taste difference between these cakes and the artificial sugar endowed cakes is HUGE.



Jean Claude if you are reading this, please open on the weekends!!!

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