The best burger bar in Perth

Burger places are the trend again and it’s great to see this happening in Perth – we need more upbeat and relaxed places. No bookings needed and there is always room for you!

Jus Burgers @ Subiaco

Jus Burgers is my favourite burger bar – good food, great ambience and BYO your own wine and beer. There are two stores in Leederville (the pioneer store) and Subiaco with new locations coming in the next few months. The Subiaco store has an outdoor area with mismatching table and chairs under two beautiful large palms. There is also ‘takeaway window’ conveniently located near the open kitchen.

The burgers are big and cooked fresh (no freezers on the premises and 100% vegetable oil is used) so you feel completely satisfied without that bloated feeling. If you are like me though you will feel bloated by pigging out on the onion rings and chips beforehand!

Photo source: Jus Burgers

Always a good meal at Jus

I am working my way through the menu and here are my recommends;

The Cheeseburger

It’s a cheeseburger with cheese omff! If you see a cheese as just a cheese then I think you are missing out. You have a choice of cheeses and for me Blue cheese makes this burger a winner of cheesy cheese indulgence.

Chicken Pancetta

Pineapple and pancetta add a new flavour to this chicken burger.


Sample Australia’s gourmet game meat – the Kangaroo. The kangaroo burger has homemade chutney.


I’m a believer that a burger is not a burger unless there is meat. This burger is an exception to the rule, I tried and I liked. The meat patty is replaced with a crumbed pumpkin patty complimented with basil pesto and goats cheese. Overall a burger I could have for lunch without the side effect of falling asleep at my desk afterwards.

Jus Burgers on Urbanspoon

Jus Burgers (Subiaco) on Urbanspoon


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